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36 Square Capital is a family-owned holding company. The company pursues 2 main missions :

  • our main mission is educating individuals & families to achieve financial freedom by promoting the value investing & passive income oriented principles of Benjamin Graham & Warren Buffett through specific education programmes

  • the second goal is to invest in successful companies with a value oriented investment portfolio and build a sustainable future for the Carrera family

The Carrera family has started investing into large cap high value & high yielding stocks more than 20 years ago, looking ultimately at continuous profits of bluechip companies that Mr Market was giving away at bargain prices.

Value investors represent a small portion of all investors. Many investors speculate by trying to predict the market, overseeing or simply putting aside the business economics and financial fundamentals of the companies they invest into. Our strategy has always been different. We believe in ambitious CEOs, leading companies with wide economic moats & strong brands whose products customers are willing to pay premium prices with high switching costs. We look for companies that over the long term generate continuous streams of cash with high returns on invested capital and strong business economics & financial fundamentals.

​As a family-owned holding company, the company exclusively uses a value investing approach. This method follows the core principles that Benjamin Graham has laid down in the early 1930s and followed by investment masters like Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger.

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