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36 Square Capital provides portfolio update & increases position in Redeia by 10%

Malaga, January 9th 2023 - 36 Square Capital has increased today its position in Redeia by +10% bringing the share of Redeia in the total portfolio of 36 Square Capital to 8.8% of total.

The updated portfolio marked-to-market on January 9th, 2023 is the following :

  1. BASF (Basic materials, Germany) with 16.7% of total shares

  2. Mercedes (Automotive, Germany) representing 12.6% of total shares

  3. Unilever (Consumer Defensive - Food) representing 12.6% of total shares

  4. Rio Tinto (Basic Materials, Australia) representing 11.3% of total shares

  5. Telefonica (Telecommunications, Spain) representing 10.3% of total shares

  6. 3M (Industrials, USA) representing 10.2% of total shares

  7. Red Electrica de Espana (Utilities, Spain) with 8.8% of total shares

  8. Vanity Fair Corp (Consumer Cyclical - Clothing, USA) with 8.3% of total share

  9. Iberdrola (Utilities, Spain) with 3.5% of total shares

The current yearly dividend income of the total portfolio is of 5.85% after taxes.



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