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36 Square Capital strengthens multiple equity positions

Updated: Oct 12, 2022

Malaga, September 21st 2022 - 36 Square Capital has been strengthening most of its current holdings over the last weeks up to today Sept 21st, 2022. The holdings that have been increased in the portfolio are VFC, BASF, Mercedes-Benz Group, Redeia/RED, Telefonica, Iberdrola & Rio Tinto.

We remain focused on the financial fundamentals of our existing holdings and looking at long-term returns of our companies. Currently our portfolio delivers an overall 5.76% annual dividend yield after tax at current payout levels/cash dividends. This annual yield excludes non-cash shareholder returns in the form of either scrip dividends or share buybacks.

Many of our holdings have been increasing the shareholder remuneration systematically year-over-year including during COVID period and are part of the dividend kings/aristrocrats list.



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