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36 Square Capital sells off Publicis & Nestle holdings

Luxembourg, December 25th 2021. 36 Square Capital announces full divestments of Publicis & Nestle holdings. Divestments are part of short-term strategy to reinforce cash reserves for potential future investments at favorable market conditions. As part of the holdings investment policy, we are not trying to predict the markets but want to have an average 10% cash reserve at all times available.

Publicis was acquired mid 2020 at an average purchase price of 32.51 EUR with a yearly dividend yield of above 7%, while Nestle was acquired end of 2019 at an average price of 97.57 CHF with a yearly dividend yield of around 3%.

Both positions have been sold with material gains of 80.11% for Publicis and 32.70% for Nestle including dividends for both.



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