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Family-owned holding & investment company

The company 36 Square Capital was founded in 2019. Our founder Candi Carrera has started investing into large cap high value & high yield stocks more than 20 years ago, looking ultimately at continuous profits of bluechip companies that Mr Market wass giving away at bargain prices.

Value investors actually only represent 10% of all the investors in the world. Many so-called investors are actually speculating by trying to guess the future overseeing or simply putting aside the business economics and financial statements of the companies they invest into. Some of these gamblers achieved great wealth & prominence. Our strategy has always been different. We believe in ambitious CEO's and companies that have a competitive edge & brand over time, companies that quarter-over-quarter generate continuous streams of cash and earnings with solid underlying business economics & financial statements.

As a results-driven organization, we are constantly looking for ambitious and visionary CEO's of the companies we invest into. We are looking for CEO's who want to take their company to the next level while keeping great underlying fundamentals.

As a family-owned holding & investment company, we invest our money into successful companies with our value investing methodology. Actually this method follows the principles that Benjahim Graham has laid down in the early 1930s and was continued by people like Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger. The application of this principles helped us become wealthy and independent.

For more information & details about our investment process as well as our level of involvement, please contact us.

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